Grisbi 0.5.9

Personal finance manager for all


  • Clone transactions
  • Use templates and pre-established categories
  • Create easy reports to summarize your finances


  • Occasionally crashes
  • No statistics, graphs or pie charts available


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your personal finances, so finding a program that will ease your life is crucial. Gribi is a free tool, built under General Public License, which aims to make home accounting a no hassle, efficient operation.

The first time you open up Grisbi you might be surprised to have a blank program page pop up. That’s only because you have to click on the Accounts button and create a new entry.

Grisbi stays simple and offers you a choice of bank, liabilities, cash, and assets accounts to start off from. Thanks to a large range of pre-established categories you won’t waste time entering all your expenses.

If you don’t find a particular description in the list you can also add it very easily. What we liked about Grisbi is that you can clone an entry and more importantly you can use it as a template for others, making the whole process a real no brainer.

You should also consider creating scheduled transactions, so that they sit in the inbuilt calendar and can warn you when the day to pay has come.

If you want a quick overview of your financial health just snap up a report from the seven different templates available.

Grisbi may be free, but don’t forget that it is still in Beta, and can suffer occasional crashes.

You should consider saving your entries regularly and avoid using Grisbi when many other applications are open. Grisbi is certainly not a heavyweight finance manager like Microsoft Money, so don’t expect astonishing graphics, projected statistics, graphs or pie charts.

Grisbi is just what the developer declares: a personal finance manager for all. It’s accessible, well structured and simplifies the way you’ll handle your own cash.

Bug fixes Reports export to HTML


  • Bug fixes Reports export to HTML

Grisbi is a personal and open source accounting application. This software will be particularly useful to organize your spending, plan your bills, create lists of payers and payees, reconciliate your accounts, and even create and print out complete reports.



Grisbi 0.5.9

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